Lynn Yang is an award winning musician and composer resides in Waterloo, ON. She teaches piano and voice lessons to children as well as adult students. Lynn is professionally trained in playing the Piano and has been studying and practicing music theory and composition in all different types and backgrounds for many years.

Working with children has always been her passion. Lynn is very patient when it comes to working with her music students. She is capable of explaining things in a simple and creative way to students so that they can feel related to. 

The three areas that Lynn is currently taking students for are: 

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Music Composition and Theory


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"Our daughter Rosie has been taking private music lessons with Lynn for 2.5 years, primarily piano and singing, starting from age 6. Lynn has introduced Rosie to music in a playful way such that Rosie has developed a joy for music while learning the required skills to read music and the techniques to play piano and sing. Lynn adopted the teaching approach to match Rosie's style along the way. After 2 years, Rosie managed to play her favourite song "Let it go" beautifully. Another highlight was the recording of Rosie singing "Memories" which left our whole family impressed by both her voice and the quality of recording. A third, recent achievement was Rosie composing a song in "Garageband" that included all instruments, giving Rosie an outlet for her creative interests and talents. Lynn is a good musician with a gift of teaching and she's very personable. We have awesome "memories" and recommend her highly to students who are interested to develop their love for music, irregardless of the abilities and goals."
-- Herwig Hass

"Lynn was the piano teacher to my two young daughters for about a year and a half.  They very much enjoyed her as a teacher as she showed tremendous patience with them.  However she was still firm enough to ensure they did their practice, learned their lessons and advanced.  Most importantly though she made the lessons fun and made sure they had music to work on that they would enjoy or relate to.  She was very skilled at identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses and focusing on these or working through them.  She was also always extremely accommodating if any classes needed to be rescheduled due to family plans. We will miss her very much as our piano teacher and would strongly recommend her to any student of any age."
-- Lauren Walker


"I found Lynn to be very professional and enthusiastic about teaching our 7 year old daughter. She showed tremendous patience but at the same time was very cognizant of advancing the student as quickly as possible. She was thorough in her approach, demanding, and encouraging. I would highly recommend Lynn especially if your child shows affinity towards music."

-- Jenny and Frank


Lynn offers recording sessions for her voice students. It is a great way to showcase their talent and progress. Students can record their singing of favorite songs and keep them in the form of CD, MP3 etc. A CD with professionally done recording also marks a great gift for the family over special occasions!

Listen to some of Lynn's voice students' recordings below!

Voice Student - Yana

Voice Student - Yana

Voice Student- Annika

Voice Student- Annika